Friday, March 4, 2022

Hindsight 20/20 12.0 - Modelling British-American Tank Cars

 I'm glad to announce I'll be presenting a new clinic documenting my effort at modelling British-American tank cars in HO Scale during Hindsight 20/20 Virtual RPM tomorrow. You can register here.

British-American tank cars draw a lot of attention and can be considered crowd pleasers among  modellers and collectors. They were indeed a classic 1940s-1950s sight and many manufacturers offer more or less "accurate" models that doesn't cut it for most of us.

The subject is vast and two different clinics will be required to delve with some depth into this subject. For this Saturday, I will focus on analyzing the historic B-A fleet, documenting its characteristics and paint scheme evolution. These information will come handy to do a comparative study between the prototypes and the suitable available models.

Hope this will catch your fancy!

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