Sunday, January 10, 2016

Building a Track Scales - Part 2

The original structure we used for the scale house was a portion cut away from an old Life-Like bungalow. Jérôme simply took apart the solarium and slapped a roof on it. While crude, this mock up was relatively similar to the real structure.

The real scale house was a small aluminium curtain wall structure with a large flat roof with a corrugated steel fascia. I once found a photo negative of the structure in Quebec National Archives last year, unfortunately, having a copy made was not economically viable. So I crammed in my head the most information I could and built the structure from memory. Fortunately, I have access to insurance maps and Google Earth to figure out the structure lenght and width.

Though the Life-Like parts are relatively crude, they are a good approximation for a 1950s curtain wall and I decided to used them again. Various window and panes were combined until it looked like my memories.

Opaque panels were added near the floor and a desk was added inside. The structure is so transparent I feel I'll have to decorate the interior to fight the empty aquarium look!

The roof was made from styrene sheets and styrene corrugated material. It won't be glued on the structure, but I glued a piece of styrene that acts like a peg and secure the roof on the building. It will make painting andd glazing much more easier.

I find the final structure to be attractive. The nice modernist and industrial look fits very well the layout era.


  1. That scale house looks great - very much like scale houses I've seen around the Maritimes.

    1. I finally painted and weathered the scale house. I just need some touch up here and there, add glazing and blinds.