Saturday, August 13, 2016

Exporail and Project Updates

While my summer vacations are running out of steam, I think it's time to bring some updates.

First, I'm planning to visit Exporail's "A Great Passion for Model Trains" event on August 20th (next Saturday). I'm not sure if I'll be able to go since it's a matter of transportation, but I'll do my best to make it possible and meet the folks gathered there. I'm particularly interested in seeing the S Scale Workshop modules in action because it share a lot of common point with a possible Temiscouata-theme (or any steam) layout I'm interested in building in the future.

If you are from Quebec City Area and are thinking about going there, let me know! Just for fun, I try to see if it was possible to do this by train, but AMT and VIA schedules aren't compatible. Going by bus is feasible, but it means 12 hours of travel for 3 hours at Exporail! I can imagine the amount of fatigue rising at a furious rate.

About Hedley-Junction, Louis-Marie confirmed me yesterday he was putting pressure on his contractor to complete the air conditioning system repairs by the end of August. To be honest, don't expect us to be back on the layout before September. I hope so because I'm eager to continue the scenery work.

I also got my two True Line PSC cabooses last week. I dind't have the time to inspect them in detail but they look great so far. I'm aware of some defects talked at lenght online, but they look far better than my Sylvan resin kit built when I was a teenager knowing nothing about craftman kits.

The Grand Trunk locomotive projet was put on hold to focus my efforts on Harlem-Station. That small layout is a real can of worm. 66% of the rolling stock is completed and locomotives are in various stage of painting/detailing. My efforts are stopped by a Dullcote shortage at my local hobby shop. Meanwhile, I ordered a full box online but don't expect to get soon. That said, the GTR project isn't forgotten. I'm waiting after a few parts but on the positive side, the decal artwork is completed. I suspect this project will be a long term one.

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