Friday, August 26, 2016

Quebec City Palace Station 100th Anniversary

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Quebec City "Gare du Palais" (Palace Station). ICI Québec (Radio-Canada / CBC) posted online footage filmed circa 1954.

The movie starts at Palace Station on CPR tracks, run along Prince-Édouard Street (semi-street running) where you can see CPR downtown roundhouse. Bonus: a CPR Royal Hudson pulls a Montreal-bound passenger manigest. It continues westward to Cadorna Junction were  the old National Transcontinental (CNR St. Malo) shops are located.

Then, the footage switch to CNR tracks back to Palace Station East ward. The long stretch of tracks in the middle of nowhere is the original Great Northern of Canada (later Canadian Northern) mainline that connects in Limoilou at Hedley Junction with the old Quebec & Lake St. John mainline. Then we travel along Limoilou yard  (ex-CNoR shops) up to Limoilou Junction (Hedleyville) were the tracks meets QRL&PCo.

Finally the train cross St. Charles River, turn into Bassin Louise before with QRL&PCo St. Paul station in sight. It is implied the train then back into Palace Station CNR tracks.

I suspect SRC made a montage and the original footage is longer.

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