Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kitbashed CN MoW Pickup - Part 1

Among many projects going on, it's time to complete the CN vehicle fleet. I don't want this fleet to be too big. I've seen my share of layouts covered in fire trucks, work trains and MoW equipment. Just enough is required to set both the era and the corporate image of the railway.

This time, I'm using a Trident Chevrolet Blazer and a Mini Metal MoW trucks. I'm not following a special prototype, but common wisdom.

The Bronco's rear part was cut and salvaged because it could be used on another project. The Mini Metal MoW rear part with tool boxes and wheels are used. The Trident underframe was split in two to fit the new vehicle lenght.

At this point I'm satisfied with the look and started to make a new cab rear wall out of styrene. Everything will be painted in CN Orange and lettered with Highball CN MoW truck decals. Mini Metal hi-rail sets of wheels will be attached later.

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