Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Some Typical Operations in Villeneuve

It was a matter of time before a nasty cold would affect me and it sure did this weekend, bringing modelling almost to a halt (exception made for slowly converting a bunch of crappy Roundhouse 50ft boxcars into decent CPR cars).

However, a few days before the cold hit hard, I had the chance to operate the layout a little bit while a future asphalt road was drying in Clermont. Nothing fancy, but I wanted to show want a very simple switching run can become when you take time to do it right.

Having read some recent articles on Facebook by Bob Fallowfield about the joy of operating a "small" layout, I decided to time the process. I took slightly more than an hour to perform at a decent pace, taking time to apply brake, do the air tests and many other little things.

The first train to run that evening was Limoilou switcher. The train was scheduled to bring two empty cement cars, two loaded gypsum hoppers and three empty insulated boxcars to Ciment St-Laurent, then switch the plant and bring back the outbound cars to Limoilou. On duty was a trusty Rapido 4-axle GMD1 #1906. Let's see the pictures...

CN 1906 is arriving in D'Estimauville to pick up cars.

CN 1906 pick up the cars on the siding.

A group of 3 insulated boxcars are seen on the consist.

Time for an air brake test before departing.

Setting up boxcars and cement hoppers at the cement plant loading bays.

Unloading a cut of coal and gypsum hoppers over the conveyor.

Ready to pickup the caboose before leaving Villeneuve.

Another air brake test.

The train enter Limoilou reaches Limoilou yard few minutes later.

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