Thursday, August 24, 2017

Blog Restoration: Update

Slowly but surely I am cleaning up the Photobucket mess on the blog. It’s certainly not a joyful task to perform, but it can be soothed by listening to some good old music. So far, all blog posts have been restored from 2017 to March 2015. I guess I’m about half through this. I can’t make any promise about a completion date due to my extremely busy schedule, however I hope it will be completely done by the end of the year.

I also came to realize a few things while updating the blog. First, I use far too much pictures to convey the subject. Step by step images are great, but in many case, less pictures of better quality would have been better. I’ll try to improve on that in the future.

I also discovered linking pictures from external sources for the sake of fairness toward my sources doesn’t work in the long term. Many pictures are now lost and can’t be replaced. From now on, I’ll use a local copy of external sources directly on the blog and link the original material for reference. It will be easier to handle that way. I know this is quite a gray zone in terms of copyright, however, be always assured I try my best to acknowledge sources as best as I can. If you own material, feel free to contact me if you want to take it down.

Also, I’m getting tired of the generic blog template appearance. I never did anything to improve it and feel it is no longer on par with the work I present on it. As many readers have seen over the last year, I already improved drastically the appearance of my other blogs, including Harlem Station and Temiscouata. On the other hand, I have no strong inspiration at the moment that could convey the personality of this project thus I won’t make any move until I get a good concept. In the past, I often said the layout name (Hedley Junction) didn’t fit anymore the actual project, however, it is now well-established and I don’t feel like changing it. To some extent, this name convey a sense of connection with a wider world, which is coherent with the Murray Bay subdivision.

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