Monday, August 21, 2017

CFQ SW1200RS on Video Back in 2001

Fellow Canadian modeller Chris van der Heide recently sent me a YouTube link to a video filmed back in 2001 when Chemin de fer Charlevoix was still powered by SW1200RS.

Credit: Jack D. Kuiphoff, 2001

The video was shot and kindly uploaded by a gentleman called Jack D. Kuiphoff. It documents what used to be daily normal operation in Wieland (Clermont) where CFQ had a small transloading yard for lumber products. The yard still exist but is no longer used for freight operation.

On our layout, this particular spot is roughly matched by the grade crossing and feedmill scene in Clermont. This is far to be a prototypical rendition, but at least it gives us some an opportunity to handle lumber products.

Another interesting aspect of this video is the sound which gives another level of information to help replicate what use to be railroading in Charlevoix. It is certainly another good reason to replicate these fine locomotives. Also of interest is the vegetation, track and roads. A few years later, rehabilitation work took place and it had an impact of the aspect of these elements. It's good to see them as I used to know them when I was still a teen.

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