Saturday, August 3, 2019

LLPX GP15-1s - Almost Done

Some projects are much more complicated than first anticipated. It was the case with this pair of Athearn Genesis GP15-1s. I first thought some paint patches, renumbering and weathering would be enough, then discovered many small details to be modified or added so each locomotives would fit perfectly its prototype. My idea being that these leased unit are so generic small details do matter.

Also, it was decided to add rock lights as per prototype. I first bought brass ditch lights from Miniature by Eric. They ended up being far too bulky for this purpose and I had to set my eyes on something else. Then I ordered fine ditch light from GLX. Beautiful project, but far too fragile to support handling. After a day, about 3 out of 4 were completely busted. You can't count on 3D print regular plastics for such things.

Then, Louis-Marie offered to craft new ones in brass. It was his first time making detail parts and they are quite well done. Not perfect, but well-designed for our purpose. Also, he was able to replicate each different rock lights. Yes, both locomotive didn't have the same type of lights!

And now, the locomotive are weathered. Window panes must me cleaned up, headlight lenses added and shell attached to the frame, but I consider them almost done. We now have our main motive power ready for action after 18 months of "work".

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