Friday, August 2, 2019

MLW RS18 Madness - Part 20

Yes! We reached Part 20 in this never-ending saga... NBEC RS18u #1816 is now completely weathered per prototype. I was amazed how dirty this engine was during its time in Charlevoix.

As always, weathering included fading the paint with a whitish-yellowish hue to bring some depth to the Action Red base paint. Oil washes, pastel chalks and airbrush were used to add grime and effect. I didn't use any fancy techniques, following proved recipes from the past.

Unfortunately, during this process, I snapped a pico LED wire and will have to redo the front headlight lighting.

The locomotive is almost done, only requiring new window panes, headlight lenses and some final assembly and wheel cleaning. I hope it will perform flawlessly! This locomotive is powered by an old Atlas/Kato drive, which is always a good start.

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