Monday, November 7, 2022

Clermont - The Grass is Always Greener...

Work around the houses is progressing steadily. Last weekend, some time was spent adding grass in the backyards to, eventually, blend them with the adjacent woods.

The piece of land right by the street was covered in shrubs and overgrown weeds as this is owned by the municipality and they never put that much effort maintaining the talus. However, as you move toward the houses private lots, the grass is better cared for and slightly greener. At the edge of the woods, grass is taller with an accumulation of dead leaves. Some bushes will probably be planted there later.

Front lawns will require much more care as I have to figure out how I will model the veranda concrete foundations and the parking lots. It will probably be simple but I'm not ruling out having some patchy asphalt there.

One thing I find mesmerizing is how the street blends into the scenery now and look at the right place. For a long period of time, I feared this road to nowhere would look silly, but it indeed has its place on the layout. With more trees in the area, it should hide completely that scenery trick.

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