Thursday, November 3, 2022

Some Vegetation in the Talus

While detailing is still taking place around the houses, I've started to add rocks and grass on the road talus where a transition from the woods to the backyard will occur.

This is one of these relaxing and very artistic process where various materials are added in a seemingly haphazard way though some logic brings things together.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite spot

It's not a big scene, but it already helps to blend the road into the layout and making it part of the scenery instead of being a hard limit between plywood (or universal mud!) central and the yard.


  1. Matthieu, any chance you would post the track plan?

    1. I will make all the magic disappear! Joke aside, you are right, I never published a decent and updated track plan. I will.

    2. The plan will be published tomorrow morning. It has also been added to the "First Time Here" tab.