Friday, January 9, 2015

Cover this hole...

You remember? It was one of our first posts about minimizing a hole punch through a wall. A nice highway overpass was scratchbuilt to hide it. Well, the new layout can hardly justify the use of this artifice. A few turnours are located behind the wall and need to be always visible for smooth operation. It was thus decided - as much as we could - to enlarge it and merge the scene behind the wall with Villeneuve.

Our friend Louis-Marie seems to have found a great deal of motivation and decided to carry on this project this week. Here's a few shots of the overall result. The hole can't be larger or higher because of load-bearing structural wood members.


  1. That is a great approach to the hole in the wall problem. I could have used your solution a couple of months ago while working my way into the next room...George Dutka

  2. Thanks George. In fact I was little bit inspired by Marty McGuirk's White River Junction station. He explained last year on his blog he tried to light the space behind the wall and blend it with the scene to get rid of this unrealistic "black hole" effect. It was quite clever to handle the perspective too.

    BTW, nice idea in recycling the defective True Line reefer shell. I'll give it a try when I'll have some time. It's quite a shame to do nothing with this nice model.

    I was also happy to see the 40ft woodchip gondola fleet you built with your friend. Very nice prototype. I've seen many of these on old picture with new double doors, but the one on your blog have welded door. Does it follow the prototype? Thanks!