Saturday, January 31, 2015

Scenery Experiment in Villeneuve

As you know, the first projected area to be scenicked will be Brique Citadelle in Villeneuve. The small area and generic details will make it a good benchwork to try and define a set of technic that will be used over all the layout.

Yesterday, I helped Louis-Marie to paint and touch up different part of the backdrop. When done, I used old trees and telegraph pole to try to figure out the scene.

So far, I'm quite satisfied how the scene is coming together quite nicely. I wasn't too fond of making the brick factory wrapping the wall corner and push it back into the scene. The corner will be hidden with pallets loaded with brick.

Another positive point of this setting is how the parking lot is large enough to looks credible. Also, a quick look at old insurance maps made me realize the factory wasn't parallel to the track but slightly angled... just like the layout. Well, being prototypical when not trying!

On the other hand, the shelf is quite narrow and there's barely enough room for trees and poles between the fascia and track. I'm seriously thinking about adding an extra 2 or 3 inches to the benchwork. In fact, maybe I could add as much as 6 inches to be able to model Boulevard Sainte-Anne. This road is parallel to the track for almost 20 miles if not more. So far, we couldn't do it. I feel that would be the best scene to suggest it.

Louis-Marie also suggested to build a backdrop panel to hide the furnace from the main room. I wasn't sure at first but looking at the picture today, I think he was right.

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