Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Small Details That Make A Difference

Yesterday, before going to bed, I took a look at my work for a last time. A small detail was annoying me. Nothing major, but still looking wrong to me.

The problem was the moulded on end ladders. I kept them to save me some tedious work, but they still look wrong because they don’t  have the characteristic Canadian-style angled stirrup attached to them.

My guess was to cut the bottom part of a Tichy ladder and fit it to the moulded on ladder. Some trimming was required since the Tichy ladder is larger than the one on the car, once completed, it looks quite good. I was afraid this part would be flimsy but it is firmly cemented to the shell so no fear.

Now, only the discerning modeller with find out the ladder have only 7 rungs and not 8, but that’s a small price to pay to get a fairly correct car. And it's quite easy to implement.

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