Thursday, September 24, 2015

Clermont: Inspiration from an unexpected source

As we progress and learn about our prototype, the more the project gets real. Lots of stuff is happening right now since we decided to put together a working timetable.

I finally located a copy of a 1986 CN time table. A brave soul posting here from time to time was kind enough to look if he can send us something. Anyway, we already started to prepare one from a 1975 time table and using CN 1987 graphic style and fonts.

Also, I recently stumbled upon (again) an old website made by a team developing a Train Simulator project about Murray Bay Subdivision back in 2004-2007. The website is now derelict with broken links but I got the chance to take a look at a nice picture of La Malbaie. It take the liberty to post the picture here for documentation purpose. From what I could read, it was taken back in 2004 during a railfanning trip made by François Cantin.

That picture could have been taken on Mike Confalone's Allagash Railway.

The ressemblance with our Clermont scene and topography is striking and I'll be honest, the temptation to merge Clermont and La Malbaie is strong. Reproducing Clermont's yard is impossible and I know for a while.

On the other hand, La Malbaie is an interesting spot because it is the original town from which Clermont splitted when the paper mill opened. In Clermont, there's a place called Wieland where there is a wye, spartan locomotive facilities, sidings with bunch of MoW equipment and a team track. Oh, did I say the yard limits started at La Malbaie up to Donohue? It means La Malbaie, Wieland and Clermont were kind of a same unit.

In La Malbaie, you find the exact same things, but better. Look at the picture: no space at all between the track and the mountain, a sinous siding, a road running along the track, MoW equipment, a diesel full tank and a team track lost in the woods. Think about it, it is exactly what our layout have. Almost no compression required, isn't sweet?

Instead of making a lot of compromise to model Clermont, I feel it's better to draw inspiration from nearby La Malbaie. To some extent, that place is also more associated with typical Charlevoix wonderful topography. The good thing is the scene isn't crowded at all...

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