Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lettering an old tank car

While doing some clean up last week end, I found out a pair of assembled and painted black Intermountain tank car. Having a set of Black Cat decals on hand for CN company service tank car, I browsed in search of a suitable prototype.

Quickly, I stumbled up a neat tank car of similar size sporting the wet noodle logo and a ACI label. I was sold to the idea immediatly.

I didn't need to use all the decal set since lettering on the prototype was spartan at best. Microscale sets provided additional data and logo.

I heavily weathered the model according to the original picture. But I didn't try to go as far as the real car because it was photographed in the 90s. After I took my picture, I slight added more dirt under the tank. I didn't yet dullcote the model. I like the very dull look it has right now. Maybe I'll dullcote it later.

All in all, it was a fun brainless project. It's good to have some from time to time.

It will probably find it's from time to time in a work train to Clermont.

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