Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kitbashing a British-American Oil Tank Car - Part 2

I painted the car following my recent finds about B/A bicolor paint scheme. To some point, it is purely experimental but I think it is a good educated guess.

Following a coat of black primer, I decided to give a coat of Tamiya XF-5 flat green on the top part of the tank, dome and platform. I have absolutely no idea what green B/A used. If I follow their trucks, advertisings and other official material, it was the same green seen on the logo. But, my analysis of the black & white photo shows it is slightly different, so I'm not feeling bad for not using exactly the same shade.

Here's the result after masking and touching up the paint . I still need to repaint the platform in black and give a second coat of green to the ladders and other such details. Then, the car will be ready to receive a coat of Future acrylic floor finish before decalling.

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