Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CN 40ft Insulated Boxcar - Part 6

Another completed project. 40ft boxcars were becoming scarce in the mid-80s. The fleet was getting older and rarely repainted. Those boxcars are thus representing cars nearing the end of their revenue life. Once again, the weathering was done with acrylic, oil paint and weathering powder. Using various technics is the best way to bring depth to weathering, be it a clean looking model or a rust bucket. Dirt splashes from wheels, grease, rust and washed down dirt by rain are not the same and have different texture.

The first car definitely has seen better day. It's not in bad shape, but over 25 years of dirt and UV ray attacks darkened the paint job. It's a matter of a few year before this one meet the torch.

The second car is in better shape thus quite heavily weathered by the messy handly of bagged cement. Though repainted sometime in the 60s, rust spots are starting their job at eating the paint.

Building this small fleet of 4 insulated boxcars was quite fun. I've learned once again about interesting prototypes, their history and how they moved freight accross the country. The project was varied including a simple detailing job (Maple Leaf car), a quite straightforward rebuilding program (Wet Noodle car) and an ambitious rebuilding program (50ft boxcars). That's the nice thing about this hobby!

 Oh! And I also weathered the old Train Miniature CN OSB boxcar. Not my best wood boxcar weathering job, but that should do the job for this orphaned car in company service.

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