Friday, October 16, 2015

Upgrading Montmorency Falls

I've bee nquite sick over the week and didn't post anything even if some progress occurred. I kitbashed an ACF covered hopper, started decalling the RS18, partially painted the M420 and ordered a bunch of TCS KA2 KeepAlives to equip the fleet.

But, the most interesting progress is the mock up of Montmorency I did with Jérôme last week end. We also operated it and I'm pleased to say it works better than I thought. We were a little bit afraid switching a spur hidden by a massive structure would be a hindrance, but the fear was for nothing, really.

Two weeks ago, I ventured in Montmorency to survey the ruins, get their dimensions on paper and shoot as much photos I could. I knew from experience the area is infested with poison ivy thus I wore long clothes and rubber boots. Unfortunately, it seems I was uncareful once at home as some sap found its way on my clothes. Well, I managed to restrain the infection to a single small blister on one finger when the dreaded symptoms appeared. Oh the joy!

Anyway, that didn't stop me from applying the newly gathered data to the layout. I must admit I was greatly pleased to find out we could reproduce the scene WITHOUT selective compression. What you will see on the layout is the real thing. Only the track curvature is a little bit sharper.

So let's see the results:

Here what the layout did look like before any work was truly done.

A few minutes later, after cutting a new riverbed real work resumed. Some wood pieces are used to mock up the concrete and stone retaining walls in that area.

On the other side, we started to create a believeable Dominion Textile plant using already built structures. Care was taken so that track spacing is exactly as per prototype.

Atlas Middlesex factory isn't a perfect fit for Dominion Textile, so we used Walthers modular walls instead. For the final model, Walthers' Front Street Warehouse would be the best bet with a lot of kitbashing.

Here's the same scene on the prototype with the old station:

Montmorency Falls, late 50s (credits:

 Later, using scrap foam blocks, we made a rough mock up of the cliff and small falls:

This bridge crosses a small stream created by the water escaping the old water pipe diverting Montmorency River water to the old power plant.

Some pictures taken from behind Dominion Textile:

I particularly like this since you feel like you are part of the layout itself. A real life photo can be seen in Thomas Grumley's book about Quebec Railway Light & Power - Montmorency Division (published by Bytown Railway Society).

Finally, the huge parking lot with the new grade crossing. The station will probably be pushed further right near the tunnel entrance to better fit the prototype. The area will be quite forested with young trees about 30 years old.

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