Friday, June 30, 2017

Upgrading Rolling Stock

Sometimes, I'm absolutely stunned to see how I can take years if not decade to adjust to common practices. Most people would be surprised to hear I hear owned a coupler height gauge nor a NMRA gauge until a few days ago. As you can guess, coupler height had been a recurring problem that was addressed with a lot of guesswork.

Now these days are gone and we've started to standardize all the fleet for flawless performance. The work involves replacing defective couplers, check wheel gauge, replace wrong era wheels (all those ribbed back wheels are now discontinued and will be installed on older cars in the collection).

Another aspect of the fleet improvement program is adjusting the weight of every car so that each conform, as much as possible, to our standard.

As you can expect, a lot of discrepancies were discovered. The most worrying one was Kadee wheels which seem to never fit plastic trucks without some work. I've decided to remove every Kadee wheels on the layout with remaining P2K stocks on hand. They roll freely without having to mess up with the trucks. Kadee wheels will probably be assigned to another task later on.

As for locomotives, no upgrade at this moment, but the fleet will be streamlined as much as possible before. Lots of unused locomotives we have no purpose for.

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