Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weathering Intermountain CN Cylindrical Hoppers

While I'm eager to get my fleet of 12 Rapido cylindrical hoppers later this year, I still have two Intermountain foobies that could serve another purpose. It's for this reason they were slated to receive a coat of weathering.

It's been almost 17 years since I last weathered a cylindrical hopper (a Model Power Canadian Government grain car) and I wanted to try my hands on models I wouldn't cry if I messed up.

The weathering was do with various media including PanPastel, weathering powders, India ink and alcohol and various washes of oil paint. Nothing fancy here, but trying to get that abused look so common on cement hoppers. While weathering patterns change from car to car, it must be noted the dirty streaks running down the running board supports seem to be a constant on these cars.

The next project will be to severely weather a set of four Intermountain Procor pressure cars. This time, I'll have to be much more bold in my approach to ensure I'm following the prototype.


  1. Hello Matthieu,
    Those cars look absolutely great!
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you very much Rick! Now I'm experimenting on the Procor car weathering which is quite intricate to reproduce.