Sunday, April 12, 2020

Weathering Track: The Last Step

When weathering track, most people will understand the need for having the right ballast and using realistic colors for ties and rails. Others will had oil spills and other such dirty deposit. However, a simple trick to improve the look is adding a coat of weathering powders on the track.

A light earth brown from AIM or other manufacturer over a camouflage brown paint base does wonders. Time consuming to apply, but a difference maker if you ask me.

Front track not weathered, rear track done. See the difference!

The pigment lighten and dust the rails, creating a realistic rust powder appearance. Also, the light shade makes details such as rail joiners, spikes and tie plates pop up, improving the overall appearance.

Front and rear track now weathered.

Finally, the powdery nature of the medium means a little bit will spill over ties and ballast, creating a realistic blend between the track and surroundings. It brings the track into the decor nicely.


  1. Track and ballast look great Matthieu! I used weathering powders as well on my track after painting the track with Rustoleum Camo dark brown and then following most of Joey Ricards techniques from Trackside scenery .com I was pleased with the result. Cheers.


    1. The powders really bring everything together isn't it! ;-)