Sunday, July 12, 2020

Scenery Progress at Donohue

This year goal seems to complete a sensible amount of scenery in Clermont and particularly Donohue which has been Plywood Central for many, many years... in fact, since May 2014.

Work continue on Rivière Malbaie with some spackling applied to get rid of gaps in the plywood. Once sanded down, the river bed will be painted in various shades to reflect the backdrop photo. I've yet to decided how the water will be done, but it won't be more than 1/8" thick, meaning most effects will be done using various varnishes and clear acrylic gel.

We also painted and installed the illustration board road and parking lot. Once again, the carboard was sprayed with various shaded of automotive gray primers and Krylon camouflage beige. This time, more lighter shades were used to represent an aged pavement. Cracks were added with a black pencil, following prototype pictures. Later, when scenery will be almost done, various powders, including weathering ones and real stone dust will be brushed over the cardboard pavements to add another layer of realism and blend everything together.

I find it easier to glue these roads with acrylic caulk. I'm not a fan of PL300 glues, these being too much overkill for modelling purpose. Once the roads are set in place correctly, I run a bead of carpenter glue along the edges to seal them from future scenery glue and to make sure they won't warp at the perimeter.

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