Saturday, December 4, 2021

CN Monk Subdivision - "Final" Track Plan

Having wrapped the general overview about the Monk Subdivision layout, it's time to start the project for real. Many questions are still to be answered, but in most of the cases, I feel I have a good grasp about the project and can move forward. I already purchased lumber to built the benchwork and shall soon start construction when the hobby room will be cleaned and ready in a few days.

Using architectural software Revit, I was able to understand the complex shapes of the various grades. 3D modelling was useful to understand how the benchwork would interact with the roadbed. At the end of the day I wish to keep is quite simple. I'm also planning to use MDF splines for mainline curves to shape better easements.

Here are the updated plans. You will see a serious simplification of the staging area. I felt it was better to keep thing as simple as possible. Having more track capacity in one spot is much more practical than spreading it all over the layout and link them with hidden track. The foreground staging track would be used as a fiddle yard to build and break way freight trains that must be altered between each session.

Also, as a matter of fact, I'm seriously thinking about publishing future articles about Monk Subdivision to my Quebec South Shore Railway blog which is better suited to document this particular project. Indeed, this layout is nothing more than the natural extension of various ideas I explored in the past about railways in Quebec's Appalachian area.

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