Wednesday, April 20, 2022

2022 Railway Modellers Meet of British Columbia

I'm glad to announce I'll be virtually participating to the 2022 Railway Modellers Meet of British Columbia (RMMBC 22). I want to thank John Geddes for is kind invitation and the incredibly professional approach of his team.

This year, RMMBC will host an hybrid real life and virtual event which will be a neat experience. Among the virtual clinicians, you'll find many respected modellers such as Marty McGuirk, Max Magliaro, Marc Simpson, Greg Amer, Rene Gourley, Geoff Bunza and many others. In fact, I'm a little bit humbled to be included in this group!

My clinic will be a condensed and revised version of my British-American Oil tank car fleet presented at Hindsight 20/20 earlier this year. Knowing how B/A is still a popular modelling subject in Western Canada, it will be a pleasure to present my work there.

More information can be found on RMMBC website.

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