Saturday, April 16, 2022

Crash Barrier in Place

Gluing in place the crash barrier was an exercise in frustration and compromise. Fitting complex shapes together is always a challenge, whatever the level of care you take so things can fit.

At the bottom of the slope, I had to cheat a little bit and leave a gap so the sidewalks would be at the right height. If I had followed the stone wall profile, the concrete would have been bellow the asphalt level. The obvious gap was closed with joint compound and will later be weathered to look like stone.

Speaking about stone, crushed limestone, sifted sand and Woodland scenic fine ballast were glued in place to fill the gap under the road by the grade crossing. On the prototype, a very similar approach was used.

A mistake I did when gluing the road was the it sit a little bit below the stone wall top. When trying to glue the sidewalks, it gave it a slight slope downward the street. It kind of throw off the crash barrier post angle a little bit and I had to soften them with solvent cement and pry them into a more vertical position. Once again, live and learn.

Otherwise, the result is quite interesting and I'm pleased with what I see.

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