Friday, December 20, 2013

Improving a Life-Life Pick Up Dump Truck

I got this little 50s pick up truck from a Life-Like construction set.

The vehicle itself isn't half bad. Not a foreground model, but still decent. I thought it would be a nice truck to have near St. Sacrement team track. The kind of truck general contractor keep under good shape for years.

The model was easy to dissamble.

I primer everything in brown red primer (Krylon spray paint).

Then, using Citadel acrylic paints, I painted the carbody robin's egg blue, a popular color of the time, the underframe brownish and rubber parts (tires, etc.) in a light dusty grey. The dumpster was painted a greyish-whitish aluminium color. I didn't bother covering completely the inside side and rather drybrushed it go keep some red primer visible. That would make a nice base for weathering. Strokes were done vertically to make it realistic.Once done, the model was dullcoated.

Finally, weathering was done with pastel chalk. I dusted the carbody with white to fade down the color. The frame received a generous coat of rust according to real life pictures. A dark brown color pencil was used to make some scratches here and there. The model isn't great even after a paint job, but still far better. Next step will be, someday, to add Quebec 1975 licence plate.

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