Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tweaking "again" the track layout

Last Thursday, we decided to start rebuilding Lairet Subdivision. All tracks, el cheapo Atlas and Life-Life Code 100, were removed. We also enlarged the hole in the wall to get more place for locomotive storage.

We mocked up the new peninsula and tracks. Thus, I had to modify the track plan accordingly. Following Jerôme's suggestion, I decided to remove the bypass track in the yard. Not only is it useless for operation, but it takes up to 18 inches of length in the yard. It means the capacity storage went up by 8 x 50ft cars! And we also saved a few costly PECO turnouts.

It also makes the yard more simpler, thus more realistic since it is so small. Less is more again and again. And that makes me happy that way. I was fortunate to be able to modify the turnouts order. Dave Cool at Canadian Express Line is always a nice fellow toward his customers. Not the biggest inventory online, but definitely good service, good prices and faster than light shipping. I wish the LHS was half that good!

I took some picture of the new tunnel. Great photographic angles were discovered. I tell you, that knew layout's gonna be a great one!

I also continued working on St-Sacrement freight station. The building is now 80% painted and need some weathering and glazing. By the way, I've been told by Jean-Pierre Veilleux that CPR piggyback loading at St-Sacrement was called Bell's Road. Since the layout only depict CPR trackage near Allenby, I consider I should name the CPR building: Bell's Road... I'll see.

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