Sunday, December 15, 2013

Locomotive Roster - Part 1

Setting the layout in a 1972-1976 bracket made me wonder about locomotives used in Quebec City at that time. Quickly, a coherent fleet appeared. Pictures used are from Marty Bernard, Gerry Burridge and a few other collections available over Internet. This overview will help me to build the required fleet. So far, I've got most models needed thought many need redetailing and repainting to better represent the prototypes. Models are Life-Like Proto 2000, Atlas Classic, Bowser and Bachmann (new generation).

Canadian National:

Most locomotives are in CN Wet Noodle scheme (post-1961).

C424: #3222, 3236, 3212 (Always paired, sometimes with a GP9, for freight trains)

GP9: #4101, 4105 (excursion trains in Charlevoix), 4423, 4492, 4455, 4463, 4509 (green and yellow scheme), 4521 (Alone or paired, always with a steam generator while pulling a passenger train. Definitively the multi-purpose work house in the area.)

RS18: #3714, 3729 (pulling passenger and freight trains.)

S4: #8176, 8189 (Yard switchers.)

FPA4: #6768, 6769, 6771, 6786 (Alone or paired with a B unit.)

FPB4: #6863 (Paired with a FPA4.)

F9B: #6635, 6863 (Paired with a FPA4.)

RDC1 Budd: #6116

Caboose: Older wood type with wet noodle scheme and Pointe-Saint-Charles design.

Canadian Pacific:

Most locomotives are in CP Script Maroon & Grey scheme.

RS10: #8580, 8586

RS18: #8779 (Multimark), 8800

S2: #7013 (Script, this yard switcher was assigned to Quebec City for a long time.)

S3: #6523 (Block)

RDC1 Budd: #9055, 9309 (all Multimark)

Caboose: Older wood type with Script scheme and Transcona design (Multimark).

National Harbour Board:

GE 44-Ton: #1

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