Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lairet Subdivision : Updated layout plan

As the moment to receive tracks and rebuilt the layout is nearing, the Lairet Subdivision layout plan is maturing.

I had the pleasure to discuss a lot with good railfan friend Jean-Pierre Veilleux who knows Quebec City area since is childhood in the 50s. His input conforted the club choices over track arrangement. Leaving the anecdoctical aspect of the area, the layout will focus on industrial switching on Lairet Subdivision, a 5-mile CN former subdivision that covered our area from Limoilou Yard to Allenby Jct with CPR. Not depicted is Hedley Jct itself that connected St. Raymond Subdivision (to Chicoutimi) and Murray Bay Subdivision south to Limoilou Yard at Hedleyville (which is staged and hidden in the furnace room left to the yard).

If you want a good idea of Limoilou yard in the early 70s, take a look at Marty Bernard's collection. Very impressive exhibition of first and second generation diesel locomotives.

Modifications are minor but make a big improvement. I decided to rebuild the peninsula at 45 degrees to use commercially available crossings at Allenby. This new design makes the room larger and can accommodate easily two operating team. Until recently, operators at Limoilou yard were obstructing the only aisle in the room.

Also, it makes Allenby more similar to the real thing. Curves are gentler and longer which helps make things look bigger than they are.

Not seen on the layout plan is a rebuilt returning loop in the storage. Minimum radius is now 24 inches instead of 18 inches in the hidden part. Much before operation-wise.

On visible parts of Lairet Sub, minimal radius is 32" with an average of 36" on mainline. Maximum goes at 78" at Allenby. Mainline turnouts are #8, yard is made of #7 curved turnouts and #6 turnouts. "Large enough for passenger traffic, but designed for freight operation."

Personally, I love to see trains flowing smoothly on gentle curve, makes the best pictures!

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