Wednesday, December 18, 2013

MLW RS18 Madness - Part 1

I've been inspired by Marty Bernard's pictures of Quebec City in 1970 for a while. As I said in a previous post, he did a fine job in depicting the roster of an ordinary day.

Thus, I decided to make a fleet of MLW RS10/18 to have motive power on hand for operation purpose.

I already had an Atlas/Kato RS11 on hand from a former CPR/MEC ill-fated switching layout. Also, one of or best runner on the layout is an excellent DW&P Atlas Classic RS11. A fine exemple of a pleasing locomotive to run.

Since I'm fighting a nasty cold since last week end, I decided to think about how I would tackle the project. In the end, it appears the kitbashing proposed is relatively simple and straighforward. Using the Atlas/Kato locomotive as a guinea pig, I started some bashing to find out the most efficient way to convert this locomotive. It shoudn't be to hard.

Today, I found out my best bet was getting Atlas Trainman RS32 shell and scavenge them for parts. At 4 bucks a piece, it's almost free and save a lots of work!

Also, I discovered using the Atlas Classic revised version was the best option. Since it's more accurate, there's less work, fewer commercial parts to get (saves money) and the wheelbase is correct. BTW, second-hand newer RS11 aren't that expensive compare to some Atlas/Kato version.

I was also able to work some details out while discussing the project with fellow modeller Wayne Toth whom experience in kitbashing spans decades and hundreds of models. I'm confident the price of each unit should be about 125$ once completed - including the decoder and acquisition price. It far cheaper than getting a Proto 1000 RS10/18 which dimensions are off at many places. Also, I can freely detail each unit according to the prototype.

I also set my mind on which unit I will model. I really wanted locomotives that worked in Quebec City at some point in their respective career. Thanks Marty Bernard, I know what to do now:
  • Canadian National MLW RS18 #3714
  • Canadian National MLW RS18 #3729
  • Canadian Pacific MLW RS10S #8586
  • Canadian Pacific MLW RS18 #8800

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