Friday, January 19, 2018

Dominion Textile - Maybe a Project...

While my efforts are focussed this year on Maizerets and Villeneuve, I recently digged up brick building parts to see if I had enought stuff to build Dominion Textile, the large cotton mill that stood for a century at the feet of Montmorency Falls. Once again, it was another lesson about selective compression and how it can be so tricky.

The answer was almost yes, but I had to settle down o na 3D concept about how I would translate a 200ft x 800ft structure in less than 18" x 16".

My first idea, almost instinctive, was to mash together to section of the building together. Namely the southwestern portion with the high italianate staircase tower and the low profile warehouse. As you can expect, nice idea, but certainly not accurate and looking awkward.

Unsatisfied by the compromise, I thus decided to simply model the thing as it was, only compressing slightly some parts to better fit the space. As predicted, the result was much better in term of proportions. I must admit I really wanted the iconic staircase tower included in my model, but compressing stuff in a cartoony way rarely yields any good things.

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