Sunday, January 28, 2018

Henri-Bourassa Overpass - Part 2

Work resumed on Henri-Bourassa overpass yesterday. Louis-Marie and I probably put another 4 hours in a row working on it and completing the structural members. Useless to say we are really pleased at how it is slowly taking shape.

Most people would think such details as small cross members are not required since they are invisible, but I think they matter. In fact, if you look at this picture, you'll see they are indeed visible and add a layr of realism to the scene. It is certainly not a waste of time replicating them as they should be.

The model will now be ready for primer, paint and weathering. Asphalt roads, streetlights, railings and drain pipes will be added later to minimize risk to knock these details off during handling.

Jérôme also pointed out we will have to add some lighting to the scene. The overpass cast a shadow on the backdrop that isn't very realistic. The entire city of Quebec is in the dark while the sun shines. We made a little mock and here are the results.



I think we have an answer! You can see how a well lighted backdrop helps to create an impression of depth. It seems the city is about a mile away, just like it should be. We also found out it takes our attention away from the staging entrance.


  1. This is impressive! That backdrop lighting really made the scene.. thanks for showing the "before" and "after".

  2. This looks great! I wonder if you could make the pegboard in staging disappear by painting it in the same hue as the backdrop?

    1. We have a MDF panel with a piece of backdrop glued on it to hide the pegboard. It was removed a few months ago but should be back later. The pegboard is certainly very distracting. Also, I plan ballasting the track a few feet into staging.