Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Donohue's Reception Office - Part 2

The reception office being a key feature and highly visible point of interest on the layout, I couldn't shy away from modelling an interior as I often do. The sheer number of windows made it so transparent it needed some furniture to really shine.

Interior is made to fit the foundation and is removable

The interior is removable and built using scraps of illustration board to make a floor and a few partitions for a water closet. The same material was used to build a large desk, a chair, a set of lockers, a desktop computer and file cabinets.

Interior is ready to be inserted in the structure

Some random sitting figure of a bulky man was painted in drab colors and glued on the chair to give some life in the building. We did the same when we built the Ciment St-Laurent scale building and it's really one of these moments were scale figures do add depth to a scene.

I also added some plastic glazing in the window and a few horizontal blinds in a few windows exposed to the West afternoon sun.

I can't wait to install this new building on the layout next Wednesday. Fascinating to think this all started with an Atlas signal tower upper half used as a prop for years! 

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