Saturday, May 14, 2022

Rivière Malbaie Scenery Progress

Foreground and backdrop are starting to merge together

Scenery work is steadily progressing at Rivière Malbaie while floral foam is glued and waiting to be carved in Clermont. As I said not so long ago, it's fascinating to see a scene that was envisioned back in 2014 taking shape. Even more impressive to see how close it is to the mental image I had.

The first layer is always drastic and contrasted...

I've also obeserved a lot real landscape around me during the last week, which is exactly the season depictdd on the layout. The most striking feature is the sheer amount of small green plants growing in the woods, how patch of dead grasses are common on the edge but also inside the forest. I had a very Confalone way to model forest ground cover, but modelling May instead of April is much more different than one would think. To be honest, it's better like that. It was never our intention to copy Mike, it would be utterly useless to create a copy of his own creative world. He inspired us to follow our own way and it should indeed be that way.

There is beauty in a toned down color palette...

The big difference in my approach now is that I build up colors, but also layer textures. I no longer rely solely on static grass and ground foam, but add dirt, gravel, long grasses, pieces of Super Trees, dead leaves and even sprinkle Woodland Scenic fine ballast. Several passes are required and it's a highly artistic form of expression. It's not about a specific recipe, but a harmony of various colors and textures altered on the spot.

The parking lot is done.. only the background to do.

When it's time to deal with backdrop transition, colors are of uttermost importance. In Rivière Malbaie case, it was interesting to find out a color of grass I rarely use because it's mint green was the best choice to blend 3D scenery to 2D picture. It's always about observing the reality in front of you and decomposing it into elements you can control.

Grass turns commercial track into an industrial spur...

At the end of the day, this process really makes a big difference and transforms a set of plastic models into a real miniature world. Crazy to think that Clermont as never been so close to completion as only the urban and industrial scenes are devoid of vegetation and ground cover... but not for too long! The village being probably the most nerve wrecking scene to complete!

The river bank is now covered up to the hill...

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