Monday, May 23, 2022

Scenery at Donohue - Part 1

With the parking lot done, our work is slowly moving East to the paper mill. The first new structure - a reception office - is now firmly glued and grounded on the baseboard. I was happy to discover the interior was worth my time because it's highly visible from the aisle and add such life into the scene.

A first layer of gravel has been applied to the different roadways and parking lot around the office. I experimented with a mix of limestone dust, sand-colored tile grout to keep it light colored and some Woodland Scenic fine ballast for texture. It made for an interesting mix, but once glued, it was evident the Woodland Scenic ballast is necessary. It works well for the shoulders, but not where vehicles run. Not a big problem since a second layer of limestone is scheduled to get the final surface.

Another project is the locomotive maintenance and fueling pad. I installed a concrete cutter around the locomotive track to fill it with gravel. This is to contain oil spills we the locomotive is parked. Then, I looked at a picture of the real thing in Clermont... and found out it was just a big concrete slab! So much for working without reference! I'll have to redo the job once again.

Finally, we also started to work on improving the warehouse. New loading concrete piers have been made inside. They will be painted and decorated with a forklift and rolls of paper. The siding colors will also be revised to better match the photo backdrop. The industrial beige color should be a little bit more greenish and the blue was too much turquoise. I shall fix that too. Many other detail like a staircase and a roof ladder will be added too.

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