Monday, May 9, 2022

Subtle Improvement to Trees

 I'm definitely not a very experienced tree modeller, but recently, when I have no idea what to do at the club layout, I take a few twigs masquerading as real trees on the peninsula and try to improve them.

Natural twigs as they look

Twigs can do a decent job at first glance, but they lack volume to photograph well. Also, since they lack complex branch systems, you can easily see through them, which makes the forest a little bit unconvincing since you can easily see the forest floor isn't well detailed.

Improved twigs after grafting a few branches to them

Replacing all twigs with SuperTrees (sea moss) would be both overkill and overpriced. This is why I decided to simply graft SuperTree branches on twigs. Not very complicated and add a lot of volume. It also has the advantage to model well trees growing in bunch because you can keep the small branches on top where they are due to the sun and the lower trunk bare. At the end of the day, it is a much better use of resources while giving nice results.

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