Monday, July 14, 2014

Freight Car Roster

To keep things easier to follow, I decided to move these informations in a dedicated post.

*** Be aware information will be updated irregularly to reflect the car fleet.

**** Last Edit: July 20th, 2014

To be part of the active roster, a freight must be built or reshopped prior to June 1983.

Donohue Clermont:


-7 P1K 50' NSC Newsprint Boxcar in CN, CV and DW&P scheme
-2 Walthers FGE 50' boxcars in CN scheme
-2 Atlas 50' NSC plug door boxcars in GTW scheme
-2 Intermountain 10,000 gallons tank cars in CGTX scheme
-2 Tichy 10,000 gallons tank car (CGTX and CIL)
-4 Atlas Kaolin Tank Cars (Freeport x2, Thiele and J.M. Huber)
-1  60' woodchip cars in CN Rail scheme (unpainted 3D prototype from Shapeways)


-5 60' woodchip cars in CN scheme (scratchbuilt or Shapeways)

Dominion Textile:


-4 exterior posts 50' boxcars from Atlas, Athearn & Roundhouse in CN scheme
-3 exterior posts 50' boxcars from Atlas & Roundhouse in Railbox scheme
-1 50' boxcar from P1K in Mo-Pac scheme (to be repainted)


-1 Roundhouse 50' exterior post boxcar Southern Railway scheme (cotton)
-1 Intermountain FMC Double Door 50' boxcar in Cotton Belt scheme (cotton)

Ciment Saint-Laurent:


-8 True Line slabside hoppers in CN block lettering scheme. (I'd like to acquire a few of them in CN wet noodle too)
-3 Procor Pressure hopper car in CN scheme (in post 1994 white scheme, to be repainted)
-4 Procor Pressure hopper car in CN scheme (grey scheme cars)
-3 Accurail 3-bay hopper ins CN small block lettering scheme for gypsum service
-12 Accurail 3-bay hoppers in CN wet noodle scheme for gypsum service
-2 Bowser 70-ton coal hoppers in Pittsburg & Shawmut scheme for coal service
-4 Stewart 70-ton 12-panel coal hoppers Pennsylvania scheme for coal service

Léo Cauchon sawmill: 

I have everything I need, however, this industry will be simply staged.

-2 Walthers 50' NSC pulpwood flatcars with bulkhead (CN & DW&P)
-1 Walthers 72' centerbeam flatcar (CN)

Miscelleanous freight cars: 

Clients include various team tracks, General Cable in Clermont, Federal Pier in Pointe-au-Pic federal pier and less common commodities to already listed industries.


-1 Bowser 70-ton coal hopper in CN scheme
-1 P1K 52' gondola in CN scheme
-2 Intermountain 8,000 gallons tank cars in ex-British-American scheme (to be assembled)


-1 Rapido 52' gondola in CN scheme (facultative)

Non revenue cars:


-1 CN wood caboose in CN wet noodle scheme (True Line)
-1 Walthers Difco Dump Car in CN scheme
-4 kitbashed Bachmann Drop Bottom Gondolas in CN block lettering scheme
-1 Atlas Hart ballast hopper in CN scheme


-1 Pointe-Saint-Charles caboose (True Line - Pre-order) replacing my worn off Sylvan resin model
-1 snow plow (True Line - Pre-order) replacing my butchered Walthers Russell snow plow
-3 Walthers Ballast Hoppers in CN scheme (Orange & Black)

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