Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Updated track plan

With track laying being imminent as we talk, I felt it was time to update the track plan. So far, I'm quite satisfied with the setting. It is not an exact replication of Clermont, but clearly, most important features are modelled and the operation pattern is quite similar.

I avoided to draw the reversing loop, but you must be aware it will probably survive this design whatever my opinion about them is!

The only structures modelled in  3D on the paper mill complex are related to rail activities. Only the unloading and shipping areas will have actual structure while most of the mill itself will be suggested by the photo backdrop.

Most areas will be covered in dirt, gravel and other mineral soil. Weed and short grass are also an important feature near the unloading areas. Lots of parking areas and trailers will complete the scenery.

For visual interest and easy operation, I also relocated the unloading shed in the foreground. Just like the real prototype, the car storage area will be located behind low rising sheds. My idea is that cars will be a kind of scenic background agains the backdrop, to increase the illusion of distance.

The unloading shed is a spartan building with interesting pipe. It will probably be the first structure to be built. I'll probably scratchbuilt it.

Some details like the vacuum unloading pipes and unloading apron for chemicals will be interesting features to model to.

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