Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Bridge on the River Malbaie - Part 8

I'm actually in the process of photoshopping several pictures and merging them into a credible photo backdrop. Not an easy task, but still very interesting.

Tonight, I worked on Malbaie River backdrop. I had a few pictures which made a nice panoramic view of the river seen from the street bridge. However, I had to mirror the scene, Donohue and the railway brige were visible in the background too and were erased. Instead, I tried, using several pictures, to make the river disappear in the background with distant mountains suggesting a wide valley.

Original scene
Also, the river was extremely agitated. I needed to make it looks more like a calm stream. Finally, the shore didn't fit with the layout. The right shore was lowered and the trees modified. It took about 6 hours to complete the backdrop.

Photoshopped panorama

I'm quite happy with the results since many iconic buildings that setup the places are there. Placing real structures on the layout there would be ridiculous hard as there's at best 6 inches from the track to the wall.

Backdrop digitally inserted on the layout

To scale the picture correctly, I inserted it in a photo I took of the bridge. This will help me to find the right scale for the backdrop and print it correctly.

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