Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sayonara Plywood Central! - Terraforming Malbaie River Valley

Yesterday, I got a call from Louis-Marie asking if I had some free time for the layout. I'm wasn't especially in shape, but I thought that would be a nice to vent some fatigue from the work day.

Finally, we ended up doing some terraforming using regular and florist foam. I was curious to use this material. Very easy to cut, to glue, to sand and to shape. Definitely a nice material.

I can't say I did a great job for the shore. The first shape I did was wrong and I had to add some slices of foam over it to get the right shape. Not perfect, but I'm relatively pleased with the result. Anyway, it is just a substructure for the real scenery shell that will smooth down everything.

I'm still pondering how I'll make the river, but I guess I'll take an intuitive stance toward it.

The nice thing is that now, we can start to see that the railway line is a small thing nest on the shore of a capricious river. I'm particularly satisfied by the right embankment. The left one will need some work, but still, I'm confident it will make a nice employees parking lot.

It's great to sce the scene comes together. Seriously, I'm happy we followed Jérôme's advice to model hilly Clermont instead of flat Beaupré. Sayonara Playwood Central!

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