Saturday, July 5, 2014

That Pipe Must Go...

Two days ago, I talked to Louis-Marie how the vent pipe would be a real challenge to hide with the photobackdrop. Also, it was taking a lot of prime space in a spot where the layout is already shallow - about 14 inches including fascia.

Rerouting the pipe was a challenge because it was impossible to conceal it in the partition wall without seriously broking some part of our benchwork.

Finally, yesterday, it was decided to solve using mechanical vents. One for the sink, one for the washer. Not an optimal situation, but far better and less costly than rerouting the pipe.

I also continued working on the employes parking lot. Unfortunately, I got a nasty cut on my finger while cutting a foam block. A few minutes before, I was telling others how important you should never use a knife with the blade toward yourself... I should have applied my own warning to myself!

Also, while looking for actual Donohue's switcher locomotive, we found two great pictures of the previous GE 44-tonner that was used during the 70s and the early 80s before it was replaced by a modified MLW S2. I'm taking the liberty to post the beautiful pictures here because they are prime source material for our layout. credit: Massey F. Jones (1978)
Also, you can see clearly the bridge, type of cars and vicinity of the yard. Those pictures were taken in 1978 by Mr. Massey F. Jones and are hosted on a website dedicated to Older Industrial and on Site Diesel Locomotives of Canada. credit: Massey F. Jones (1978)

I particularly like this cute yellow GE 44-tonner and Jérôme took the initiative to set a similar setup on our layout. It didn't take a lot of time before we thought it would be nice to repaint it in the correct paint scheme.

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  1. Contact me if you want the original files of the Donahue loco by email.