Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Bridge on the River Malbaie - Part 9

Yesterday, we integrated the future photo backdrop into the scene. It was just a mosaic printing from home printer, so colors are a little bit faded.

I must admit the photo is particularly well integrated with the actual scene. I was afraid there would be perspective issues, but in fact, it works far better than I thought.

We also made a quick mockup of the mill loading area reusing already built structure. The joint with the photo backdrop will have to be addressed, but that shouldn't be too hard to do with some vegetation.

Another area of concern was the parking lot. Louis-Marie visited the place last week and found out the parking lot isn't that much below the track level, about the height of a pickup truck cab. Thus, we decided to replace the fascia and raise the parking of 1-1/4 inch. Looks better and it gives more space for parking cars.

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