Friday, June 11, 2021

VIA Drummondville Station - Part 6 (Final)

 And now for the final part, we can see the finished product after about 140 hours of work since earlier this year. Final detailing included adding stone and concrete sills to the various doors, some shadows with PanPastel to make some details pop like the window sills and telegraph bay, and some dirt on the stone plinth. Subtle details like peeling paint on degraded mortar joints were added with a very fine tip light gray color pencil following prototype pictures of the station.

As I mentioned on a post on Facebook, this project was riddled with challenges and mistakes on my part, starting with a roof core not enough sturdy that warped eventually and had to be addressed. On the other hand, sculpting embossed stone work from distressed styrene strips worked wonders. Painting roof shingles was also a neat experiment. The roof surface was far too large to make it more realistic due to time constrain, but I certainly think this is a idea to be pursued. Drybrushing shingles goes a long way. Finally, 3D printing was extremely helpful to replicate serial parts like roof brackets and windows. It made it possible to get much finer details than I could have done with scratchbuilt components while ensuring consistent dimensions.

So let's enjoy the final product. I hope to share some pictures of the finished layout by the end of this year. The station is now in the hands of my friend which seems to have greatly appreciated seeing this iconic depot being replicated in HO scale.

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