Saturday, March 28, 2015

CN Boxcars Completed

Well, another small project completed. Both MDC Roundhouse and Athearn 50ft boxcars are ready to operate. I didn't weather them and when I'll do it, I'll keep it minimal since these cars were freshly repainted in my era. I'll probably paint the wheels and dirty up the trucks at some later time.

Decaling was relatively straightforward. Since I use 2 Future base coat before decaling, I find it is quite easier and I get far less silvering. Better, it seems Solvaset react a little bit with Future, making the decals real "sink" into the gloss coat. In the end, decals become almost invisible. I also added some lead into each car to bring from 4 oz to 10 oz.

I'm quite satisfied how this little project end up. All in all, the project cost about 4$ per cars, which makes it a wise choice to upgrade them. With actual cost of cars, this is a decent way to build up the fleet without ruining myself. I still have many older cars that could benefit from a similar treatment in the future.

It was fun to bring back to life some very old cars I ruined many years ago when I wasw experimenting custom painting for the first time. Now, if I can find time to decal my last batch of 5 woodchip boxcars...

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