Thursday, March 19, 2015

Murray Bay Sub Archives Redefining The Peninsula

A rare shot of QRL&PCo #22 under steam. (Denis Fortier collection)

Today, while discussing with Denis Fortier – a well-known railfan from Charlevoix – told me recently about his new Facebook page. He published a large amount of photographs, most of them covering Murray Bay subdivision and QRL&PCo. I must stress most of them are inedited. It will be a tremendous source of information when time to do scenery comes.

La Malbaie Turntable, August 10th, 1956 (Denis Fortier collection)

I must admit this is starting to really convince me Pointe-au-Pic wharf should be investigated as a logical feature of our layout, both from an operation and scenic standpoint. I’m already working on a revised track plan. I think I’ll have to build a mockup model of the peninsula to see if this new idea works well with the already built layout. I wouldn’t like to overcrowd the scene with cluttered and unrealistic components. One thing is sure, adding the wharf doesn't add new trackage, which is a good thing. Also, this is an opportunity to install a prototypical passenger station (which existed there). Pointe-au-Pic is also a good location to model since it is a very narrow stretch of land at the feet of a cliff, which is exactly our peninsula setting.

What could be done with the peninsula...

Anyway, I know Jérôme loves rail-marine interface and that's a realistic way to add a prototypical one to the layout. Many goods were loaded there includind cement, pipes, paper, pulpwood and others.

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