Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rapido GMD1's Easter Eggs

Video game players are well aware of Easter eggs. These are hidden features - habitually unrelated to the game setting - planted by programmers. It can be anything, from ludicrous character's attire to funny gimmicks. However, you don't expect to find them is in model railroading.

Yesterday, I was playing with DCC features on my GMD1 when I selected CV14. What a surprise to hear the locomotive shoot a laser beam. I then continued with CV15, now I could clearly hear a missile destroying some unkown target. CV16 was a strange noise, akind to a fabulous monster roaring. Finally, CV17 was some dude talking about bullshit vessel commands.

I took my other GMD1, unit 1027, sounds were differents. And, the locomotive just warped... It was clear, since the beginning, these were Easter Eggs planted by some certifiable Star Trek nut. And it's not hard to find the culprit among Rapido's big bosses: Jason Shron himself.

I'm not alone to have found this funny feature on the DCC decoder. At some point, it could even be useful. Imagine there's some obstruction on the track, just shoot a laser beam and destroy it. The train in front of you is running late? Just warp your consist a few miles farther.

I'm just curious to see what will be the next thing Jason is planning to do with is next product. We don't, maybe he's the one to be surprised this time.

If you didn't find yet these feature, take the time to try those CV. I'm not 100%, but since my 2 GMD1s have different sound, I guess there could be many variations.

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