Friday, January 20, 2017

CN 40ft Grain Boxcars - Part 3

The original model

The grain boxcars saga ends today with the last of three cars. This one is an old Athearn Blue Bix kit I bought when I was in high school circa 1998.

The cleaned and modified model

Later, I tried to modernized it by removing the roofwalk and painting the roof aluminium color. It was an ugly job! Later, deeming the car esthetically unredeemable, I used it when I first started using artist oil pain for weathering. It was crude and the model was quickly shelved.

Since then, I discovered that 70% alcohol is good enough to remove bas weathering and Dullcote from models without attacking the factory paint if you do it carefully and quickly. I plan reusing that trick to salvage a few cars in the future.

Some paint will be removed from the wheels

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