Sunday, January 15, 2017

Temiscouata Railway Connors Branch - New Blog

I'm happy to report my new blog about my Temiscouata Railway Connors Branch is now online. For ease of navigation between my different blogs, a new set of tabs are now display under the header.

Named "Connors Branch - The Sportsman's Route in S scale", the new blog will report on the progress made about this project that started many years ago but reached fruition last summer during the Thinking Out Loud series. As a matter of fact, I moved this series over the new blog to for ease of reference.

While modelling the Temiscouata is no breaking news, doing it in S scale may sound a little bit weird at first. I think Trevor Marshall probably saw in my eyes that I was convinced it was the way to go if modelling a small steam era branchline.

I've acquired my share of small HO steamers over the years... 0-6-0, 2-6-0, 4-4-0 and 4-6-0. All of them cute but so underwhelming. It's like looking at a bug crawling on a countertop which is far to be my description for a steam locomotive. Even the small 19th century 4-4-0 had presence. Sure they were small by today's standards but if you visit any railway museum, you'll see they command respect. You can't get that feeling out of an HO scale 4-4-0. However, it's a different matter in S scale.

Finally, the proposed layout is small, most track work will required a certain amount of hand-built stuff, all locomotives will require a crazy amount of kitbashing and cars need to be virtually built from scratch or from craftman kits. At this point, there is no real advantage going HO... at least, S scale makes model building, detailing and fitting electronics much easier. An importantly, have far better performance.

So welcome to the new blog. I hope you will enjoy the new retro design inspired by the official 1912 Temiscouata Railway timetable. I also made sure the blog was more streamlined than Hedley-Junction too.


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